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TAIWAN SHAKEN: Gempa Paling Kuat sajrone 25 Taun

- Taiwan experienced its strongest earthquake in 25 years on Wednesday. The quake resulted in nine deaths and caused injuries to over a thousand people. It originated off the coast of rural Hualien County, causing significant structural damage and leaving many stranded at quarries and a national park.

The capital city, Taipei, located approximately 150 kilometers away, also felt the effects of the quake. Many older buildings lost tiles due to aftershocks prompting school evacuations. In Hualien, some ground floors were completely crushed under the quake’s intensity forcing residents to flee through windows.

Rescue operations are currently underway throughout Hualien as teams search for those trapped under rubble while working to secure unstable structures. The situation is constantly changing with varying reports of missing or stranded individuals as rescue efforts continue unabated.

Taiwan’s national fire agency reported that around 70 workers trapped at two rock quarries are safe despite damaged access roads from falling rocks. Airlift operations are planned for six workers on Thursday.

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